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NWSC Luwero area launches “Suspect-20” campaign to combat water theft

LUWERO: In a strategic move to tackle the persistent issue of illegal water usage, Luweero Area Manager, Mr. Mugoya Daniel, recently unveiled the “Suspect-20” campaign during the area’s quarterly Management Meeting. The initiative aims to address the alarming rates of Non-Revenue Water (NRW), which currently stand at an estimated 40% in the area.

Highlighting the severity of the problem, Mr. Mugoya emphasized that between 10-20% of the total customer accounts are suspected of illegally tapping into the water supply, and in recognizing the urgency to curb this damaging practice, the Area Manager spearheaded the launch of the “Suspect-20” campaign.

The essence of the campaign revolves around each territory member identifying and flagging 20 potentially suspicious accounts within their respective territories. These identified accounts will then undergo thorough scrutiny by the specialized task force, headed by the adept Water Loss Officer, Mr. Damba Kato Timothy.

Note that, illegal water usage not only poses a financial burden on the water utility but also jeopardizes the access to clean and safe water for legitimate consumers. So in the wake of this campaigns launch, Luweero Area has set a precedent for proactive intervention and collaborative efforts in safeguarding the integrity of the water supply system.

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