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NWSC builds capacity for water quality management

KAMPALA: With the aim of enhancing service delivery and efficiency, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) recently organized a comprehensive training session for its Water Quality Staff. The event, held in partnership with HACH equipment company and Davis and Shirtliff, aimed to empower employees with essential skills in equipment calibration, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Conducted at the corporation’s International Resource Center (IREC) in Bugolobi, the training brought together 26 Water Quality Staff members to enhance their knowledge in various aspects of water quality management. Key topics covered during the session included equipment calibration, maintenance, and servicing, troubleshooting, generation of quality control charts, and verification of instrument performance, specifically focusing on wavelength scan.

Dr. Irene Nansubuga, the Senior Manager of Water Quality Management, while delivering the opening remarks, emphasized the significance of such training initiatives. She stressed the crucial role played by equipment suppliers and technical experts in ensuring the smooth operation of laboratory equipment and sustaining service delivery excellence. Dr. Nansubuga also expressed gratitude for the support extended by NWSC management in facilitating the training, acknowledging its importance in building in-house capacity.

One of the highlights of the training was the hands-on sessions conducted in the laboratory, providing staff members with practical experience with various machines. Participants engaged in troubleshooting exercises using the spectro DR 600 Photometer, utilized for sample analysis across different parameters. They also gained insight into verifying stray lights, identifying faulty components for replacement, inspecting PH Multiparameter Senson 387 probes, and operating the Autosampler, which measures waste quantities over time.

By equipping staff with the necessary skills to conduct routine equipment calibrations and effectively address equipment errors, NWSC aims to enhance performance and operational efficiency. Such initiatives are bound to bolster the corporation’s capabilities as well as contribute to maintaining high standards of water quality management, ultimately benefiting the communities it serves.

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