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NWSC boss Dr. Eng Mugisha warns youth over social media misuse

NWSC Managing Director, Dr Silver Mugisha speaking to the youth at Kitabi Parish in Bushenyi District on January 13.

BUSHENYI: On 13 January, Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha, the Managing Director of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), delivered a stern message to the youth gathered at the St. Peter Kitabi Catholic parish in Bushenyi District during the annual four-day youth conference. Dr. Mugisha admonished the young audience for squandering the potential of social media, emphasizing its misuse for negative activities instead of constructive endeavours.

Dr. Mugisha highlighted a disturbing trend among the youth, noting that many engage in trolling older individuals and sharing explicit content on social media platforms, actions that he believes lead to self-destructive behaviours. During his address, he expressed concern about the youth’s tendency to insult and undermine older figures, including himself, who could otherwise provide guidance, opportunities, and support.

The NWSC Managing Director drew attention to the paradox of social media, asserting that it was intended for the benefit of young people. However, he criticized their current usage, revealing instances where older individuals finance youths to spread insults on social media platforms or engage in continuous online activities, such as watching explicit content and seeking connections to illicit activities.

In a compelling argument, Dr. Mugisha urged the youth to reconsider their approach to success, emphasizing the importance of connections, advice, and opportunities that could come from respectful engagement with older and more experienced figures. He pointed out that success is not solely determined by education but also relies heavily on skills, attitude, and conduct, with the latter contributing a substantial 80% to an individual’s overall success.

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