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NWSC Board strengthens ties with stakeholders in Entebbe Municipality

ENTEBBE: Recognizing the significant role stakeholders play in the success of the Corporation, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Board of Directors (BOD) recently conducted a visit to Entebbe Area, engaging with key stakeholders and municipal leaders including the Mayor Entebbe Municipality, Febris Rulinda and Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Hakim Kirigwa.

His Worship, Mr. Febris Rulinda, lauded NWSC for its dedicated service and responsiveness to customer concerns. He urged the team to work cohesively with the Municipality, recognizing the area’s rapid growth and the increasing demand for water and sewerage services. Mr. Febris went on to request that NWSC further intensifies efforts in improving water supply and sewerage services in Entebbe.

Whereas, the RDC, Mr. Hakim Kirigwa praised the NWSC BOD for maintaining consistent engagement with stakeholders, ensuring they stay informed about the Corporation’s developments. He also commended the corporation for expanding service coverage nationwide, highlighting that in all his assignments across the country, NWSC has led in service delivery.

Board member, Ms. Rachel Kiconco Mbabazi, acknowledged the Mayor’s endeavors in transforming Entebbe into a model city, recognizing the significant transformation over the years and highlighting Entebbe’s emergence as a premier investment destination. Ms. Mbabazi urged the Mayor to collaborate with the NWSC Entebbe Team to address challenges related to high Non-Revenue water and widespread vandalism of NWSC infrastructure, and reaffirmed NWSC’s commitment to maintaining top-notch services in Entebbe and pledged to address existing gaps in service delivery.

Col. Stephen Basaliza emphasized the crucial role played by the Municipality in bringing about positive changes in Entebbe, and stressed the importance of joint endeavors between NWSC and the municipality in not only maintaining but elevating the quality of services provided to the residents of Entebbe. On the other hand, Ms. Sarah Onyiru, also a Board member of NWSC, expressed optimism about the continued partnership, ensuring that the positive transformation of Entebbe is sustained and enhanced, with a special focus on improving water service delivery.

Notably, Directors Eng. Edmond Okaronon (Regional Operations) and Mr. Aloysious Kaijuka (Legal Affairs) took part in this engagement.

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