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NUP, UPC Face Off over Party colour

Bobi Wine’s new political party- National Unity Platform (NUP) is in running battles for ‘hijacking’ UPC’s Red Colour as one of their symbols.

According to Electoral Commission (EC), UPC’s official and registered party colour is red and indeed, the party colour has been their tradition for a long time. Apparently, Bobi Wine who is the presidential flag bearer for NUP has approached EC seeking to make red as their official party colour.

The Commission however, rejected the move on ground that the colour-red is already taken by UPC. Joel Ssenyonji, NUP Spokesperson insists that red colour is enshrined in their party constitution. He emotionally accused UPC President Jimmy Akena of being ‘used’ alleging he sold his father’s (Milton Obote) party to the NRM government.

“Jimmy Akena sold his father’s UPC party to Mr Museveni. So it is possible that they are trying to use him,” he said. Bobi Wine’s People Power group has often times been accused of being intolerant to dissenting views of other political parties. It is not a surprise that Bobi Wine has fallen out with top opposition figures.

“Joel Senyonyi is still excited about politics and he knows nothing about it. If I were him, I would not be throwing words anyhow,” Akena said, adding that Bobi Wine and his people should politick with maturity, because at one point, they may sit together.

“It is being careless. We have been in politics for a long time and we are here to stay. If EC has given you directives then you have to follow but if you are aggrieved then go to court than throwing words amateurishly,” Akena said.

Recently, Bobi Wine struck a deal with the founder of National Unity, Reconciliation and Development Party, Moses Nkonge Kibalama and bought the party where he eventually became its president and presidential flag bearer. This comes after he failed to register People Power as a political party considering that the name was already registered as an NGO.

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