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Museveni is better than FDC – Ingrid Turinawe

KAMPALA: The Secretary for Mobilisation of Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) Ingrid Turinawe, has said his party should learn a thing or two about how President Museveni handles NRM members who do not toe the party line.

She made the remarks after she was dismissed from the party with two others for standing as independents in the national elections after suffering defeats in the party primaries. Turinawe is standing as Independent for the Rukungiri Municipality seat where FDC has a candidate.

She said there are so many ‘stubborn’ members in NRM but President Museveni has manoeuvred with them.

“You may not like President Museveni, but there are some good lessons you can pick even from your worst enemy. There’s something to learn from Museveni,”she said.

Turinawe stated that Nandala Mafabi, the FDC secretary, who communicated her dismissal has no power to sack them from the party and should handle her carefully because the elections are soon and he may need her.

“I even saw a lot of ego and anger in Nathan Nandala-Mafabi’s interview over the same. Ingrid Turinawe did a lot for the struggle, you can’t just wish her away, you must listen to her first and find out why she ‘would strangle a baby she birthed,”she said.

She vowed not to quit the party until the delegate conference sits to determine her fate adding that no one will stop her from being the member of FDC.

“Even without looking at the constitution, an experienced leader, without ego and anger, would first wait on Ingrid Turinawe’s matter until after election. And the results would also help much on the direction of the ‘handling’ of the matter, take or leave it,”said Turinawe.

She noted that her candidature was a protest against irregularities that were exhibited during the party primaries.

According to Turinawe an effective and transformative leadership requires three things which include when to act,where to act and how to react.

“Let’s not, really,hide that we’re dealing with politics not church matters. I’m sure,if such a matter was brought before the leadership of Kizza-Besigye was asked to give his opinion, he would most probably advise that the matter be handled after the election,”she noted.

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