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MPs Applaud NWSC’s Pioneering efforts in sustainable water management and fiscal responsibility

KAMPALA: The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) recently engaged in a highly productive meeting with the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources in a groundbreaking initiative aimed at advancing environmental sustainability and responsible resource management. The purpose of this collaborative effort was to address crucial issues, explore avenues for improvement, and ensure that the provision of clean water and proper wastewater management is in harmony with the principles of environmental stewardship.

A momentous stride toward Environmental Sustainability was marked by a memorable visit of the Members of Parliament to the Nakivubo Wastewater Treatment Plant during which, they resoundingly applauded NWSC for their remarkable Sewerage Treatment Plant which as the largest wastewater treatment facility within the East African Community, sets new standards and embodies NWSC’s drive to lead the way in responsible resource and waste water treatment management.

Following the MPs’ visit to the Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Managing Director of NWSC, Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha held a presentation for the esteemed committee to address key concerns and foster transparency, enhance services, and achieve fiscal responsibility.

In a proactive response to concerns raised by the Members of Parliament, Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha, presented a comprehensive overview addressing multifaceted issues. These included high tariffs and billing modes, expansion of services, financial stability, and staff deployment. He made known that NWSC has devised a Tariff structure pricing system to cover the costs of sourcing, treating, and distributing water. To ensure affordability for consumers, the corporation is instituting a tariff indexation mechanism that allows small-scale adjustments to tariffs. An affordability analysis is underway to tailor solutions for different consumer groups.

Dr. Mugisha also echoed the fact that NWSC is actively harnessing its internally generated resources to fund system upgrades and expansion initiatives. Market finance projects and collaboration with the government are also explored to secure funds for expansion, ensuring alignment with national development goals.

He went ahead and outlined NWSC’s commitment to fiscal responsibility and strategies for managing existing debts. A commitment that ensures long-term financial stability, further reinforcing NWSC’s dedication to responsible financial management. The corporation’s initiative to address unpaid government bills earned commendation from Members of Parliament based on the fact that NWSC is committed to resolving gratuity arrears within a six-month period and arrears are simply a hindrance to that.

The cherry on top is NWSC’s efficient staff deployment which is vital for delivering quality services. Notably, the corporation has implemented strategic approaches to enhance skills, flexibility, customer service, resource allocation, and performance appraisal among its staff.

After all was said and done, the MPs applauded and supported NWSC’s efforts in Sustainable Water Management and Fiscal Responsibility, a well-deserved acknowledgement as NWSC’s stance sets a commendable precedent and demonstrates the power of cooperation in tackling financial challenges while ensuring exceptional water and sanitation services to the people of Uganda.

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