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Kyankwazi area team holds water dialogue with Mpenkoni village

KYANKWAZI: In a bid to foster community engagement and address relevant water-related concerns, the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) staff of Kyankwanzi Area recently convened a constructive dialogue with customers in Mpenkoni village.

The interactive session discussed several crucial topics, with a primary focus on the ongoing water extension and intensification plans in the area. These efforts, accelerated to leverage the water resources from three boreholes within the zone, aim to boost water accessibility and distribution. The NWSC went on to share updates on the pending completion of the Kyankwanzi water supply project, designed to cater to both present needs and anticipated future demands of the villages and Kyankwanzi Town Council at large.

Transitioning the discourse to water tariffs, attendees received insights into the intricacies of the corporation’s water tariff structures as they clarified that NWSC’s tariff framework prioritizes affordability over full cost recovery, with distinct tariffs tailored by the government to accommodate diverse consumer segments. The session utilized a practical ‘Jerrycan model’ to explain each tariff category, ensuring clarity for the customers.

Participants were also told of the streamlined connection process for water services, clarifying procedures and requirements for obtaining water connections. The benefits of individual connections were highlighted as well, emphasizing improved service delivery and reliability.

A significant aspect of the discussion revolved around prompt bill management and the reduction of customer arrears within the town council. Customers were encouraged to actively engage with their bills, comprehend all components, and commit to timely bill settlements in the future.

The session then concluded with a comprehensive address of all water-related inquiries and the identification of areas for enhancing the provision of sustainable water and sanitation services. Dignitaries in attendance, including the Mayor and LC 1 and 2, commended the initiative and urged customers to apply the knowledge gained while emphasizing the importance of settling bills promptly.

Special recognition was extended to the top management of NWSC for their unwavering support and guidance throughout. Looking ahead, the Kyankwanzi Area Team intends to broaden their outreach efforts to encompass all villages within the Town Council and surrounding Sub-counties.

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