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Kadaga calls for better treatment of elders

The Speaker to Parliament, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga has urged people in society to treat elders well.

Kadaga was speaking at the re-launch of the Uganda Parliamentary Forum on Social Protection in Parliament today, Friday, 07th October, 2016.

She said that there was a tendency of old people in the society to be neglected instead of being given the special attention needed.

“We need to give priority to the elders and care for them. When we are getting into a taxi or in a queue, we need to give priority,” Kadaga said.

She added that there was need for a new tradition to give special attention to old people in society.
The Speaker said that there was need for a traditional social protection for old people especially those who are living by their own. She also noted that she was happy with President extending financial support to old persons.

The Speaker encouraged MPs and the forum to advocate for the national roll out for old people from the government.

Hon. Bernard Atiku (Ayivu), said that majority of the old people who were pensioners are the major source of survival in many rural areas.
“You will find that majority of the families depend on the pension of these former civil servants,” Atiku said.

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