Jobs Abroad: Premier recruitment to secure Jobs for 5000 youths abroad every month – Rajiv - Daily Post Uganda

Jobs Abroad: Premier recruitment to secure Jobs for 5000 youths abroad every month – Rajiv

Rajiv says Premier recruitment will secure Jobs for 5000 youths abroad every month

KAMPALA: Uganda has one of the highest population growth rates globally with more than 78% of its population below 30 years. This is the productive age of many

people but while the labour force is increasing with each passing year, the labour market is actually shrinking rendering it incapable of accommodating the 500,000 young Ugandans that join the labour market annually. This makes labour export the most feasible alternative way out of this unemployment conundrum.

In a move to solve Uganda’s unemployment crisis, Premier recruitment Limited, a labour export company unveiled its strategic plan that will see over 5000 youth get employed in the middle east countries by the end of 2021 with 2000 of them already covered since 2019 notwithstanding COVID-19 pandemic effects on the industry.

Having helped over 2,000 Ugandan youth secure employment in the Arab world and transform their lives, Mr. Rajiv Rupareliai, the Managing Director of Premier recruitment Limited has practically done more in the past two years to address the bigger question of youth employment than even companies that have been around for a while.

Since it’s inauguration in 2019, Premier recruitment has been focused on fighting against youth unemployment in Uganda as well as a catalyst for the country’s development.

In their latest recruitment drive, over 30 youths left for Qatar where they will be paid a whooping Shs1.2 million monthly as airport cleaners. These are to be followed by another batch that’s destined to another area of operation, Riyad City in Saudi Arabia to work as waiters, guards and house maids in collaboration with Premier recruitment partner in Saudi Arabia.

Some of the candidates who were dispatched to the Middle East for employment

Kanak Shah, the general manager at Premier Recruitment revealed that all company staff have been trained about the relevant labour laws, so as to be able to “deliver a professional recruitment service” but also keep everyone up-to-date and compliant with “any changes and updates within Employment Law, both here and abroad.”

Premier recruitment staff members

Benefits of Externalisation of labour

In a phone interview with Rajiv Ruparelia, he explained to Dailypost Uganda that the Uganda labour externalisation industry is a vital source of livelihood for both the employees and their families and a major pillar of the economy that ought to be protected by all the stake holders and fake elements taken out, Mr. Rajiv Ruparelia, MD Premier Recruitment said.

Rajiv also said, beyond direct economic gains, labour externalization had other benefits such skills transfer, mobilization of capital for investment and improving household incomes and standards of living for their dependents back home.

When asked about likelihood of Uganda exporting professional labour rather than only domestic workers. Rajiv said “The government needs to put much emphasis on empowering UGANDA’S education sector by promoting educational programs that can compete with the rest of the world”, he stressed. He also gave an example of countries like india and Cuba which are leading in exporting professionals in fields of medicine and Information technology.

Recently Makerere University slashed off 18 Undergraduate Courses from the academic program in a move to restructure the university with more practical programs than theoretical education courses.

Rajiv also called upon all parents to take their children to Premier recruitment Limited as soon as they finish university saying that opportunities are lined up waiting for people to take them up.

Premier recruitment future plans

About the company’s future plans in the labour export industry, the MD, Mr Rajiv revealed to us that his vision is to secure employment abroad for 5000 candidates on monthly basis in different fields. “Premier recruitment has partners in labour industry in every country that we send our candidates, and all are recruited on demand as requested by employers” he added.

Protection of Ugandan Migrant workers abroad.

In our interview, we also asked Rajiv about fake labour export companies that have made the trade be described as a form of modern slavery where many of Uganda’s citizens have been subjected to untold human suffering and some have met their death. Rajiv intimated that the problem has not been exportation of labour but the lack of the necessary laws and regulations to guide the process of recruitment and to protect the migrant workers once they are in the countries of placement. He said “The externalisation of labour Bill must be passed to regulate the export of labour from Uganda and also provide issuance of licensing to recruitment agencies”

He added, that “government should impose obligations on the recruitment agencies and foreign principles as well as providing for the repatriation of Ugandan migrant workers by empowering the Minister or Uganda missions abroad to enter into bilateral labour agreements with qualifying countries and for related matters” Rajiv said.

Premier recruitment Limited is a fully registered and licensed recruitment agency based at Plot 38, Crane chambers, Kampala road. It’s a part of Ruparelia Group owned by City property mogul, Sudhir Ruparelia.

Authorization letter for Premier recruitment to export labour abroad

They provide complete recruitment solutions, sourcing and supplying quality staff throughout the Arabian Gulf with the overall objective of adding value to employers and having the best impact on the lives of Ugandan youth.


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