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Jail Break: UPDF in chopper chase for 50 inmates after prison escape

MOROTO: The Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) are currently involved in a chopper race with at least 50 inmates believed to have broken out of Moroto Military Barracks prison sprinting off with at least 36 rifles.

The incident happened at about 4:00 pm when the said prisoners tore free and scaled up Moroto Mountain donning their yellow uniform.

According to sources in Moroto, the UPDF tried lifting gunships and a chase ensued involving fire exchange and causing panic within Moroto town.

“So many bullets are flying around the UN compound in Moroto. Over 50 prisoners have escaped after grabbing guns. They are seen running into mountain Moroto. UPDF has been called to help,” a source in Moroto intimated.

“Reports 50 (armed) prisoners pull a ‘Prison Break’ in Moroto. Residents alarmed as recent news had that some 30 of them are diagnosed with Covid19. Gunshots can be heard in Moroto town,” another source reached out to Dailypost.

Uganda Prisons spokesperson Frank Baine confirmed the escape.

“It’s true we have a prison break but I have not yet got the details,” Baine said.

It is reported that most of the escapees are former cattle rustlers.

Moroto is no stranger to such events, in Jan 2006, 10 prisoners escaped after killing a warder and injuring another, they took off with one gun.

The prisoners opened fire and killed the warder (Corporal Walter Ochoria) after they were intercepted.

In March 2008, seven prisoners were shot to and injured after a daring attempt of escaping from Moroto Prison. The group had been 12 in number before 8 were shot in the escape attempt.

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