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Furious Museveni blast tourism boss, brands him ‘boy’

Angered by complaints from investors about why the economy is in a state of free-fall, President Museveni today turned the ire on Uganda Tourism Board(UTB) Chief Executive Officer(CEO) Stephen Asiimwe, branded him a “boy’ and accused him of failing to turn around the fortunes of the  tourism sector.

During a heated crisis meeting with top local, foreign investors and Ministers at State House 2nd November 2016, Museveni was told that the economy is crumbling largely because tourism-the country’s leading foreign exchange earner is  dwindling away and that the worst is yet to come.

A furious Museveni, donned in casual white shirt and his trade-mark cowboy hat, wondered why the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) has failed to attract tourists into the country, questioning why foreign visitors instead flock to neighbouring Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

“The problem is that boy. He is just sleeping,” Museveni, visibly irritated, said while gesticulating at Asiimwe.

Asiimwe was only saved after the President was alerted that former Tanzania President Benjamin Mkapa had arrived and Museveni had to rush into a quick meeting with him.

After enduring the dressing down from the President, a crestfallen Asiimwe was seen being commiserated by friends who are now anxious on whether he will retain his job.

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