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French Ambassador applauds NWSC’s role in enhancing water accessibility in Uganda

The Ambassador of France to Uganda, HE. Xavier Sticker

MUKONO: The Ambassador of France to Uganda, HE. Xavier Sticker, accompanied by a delegation from various government ministries and organizations paid a visit to the National Water and Sewerage Corporation’s (NWSC) Katosi Drinking Water Treatment Plant (KDWTP), on the grounds of the key role played by the French government in sponsoring its construction. The delegation’s aim was to assess the progress made in accelerating access to water for the people of Greater Kampala Water region.

The tour commenced at the Nsumba reservoir, where the Plant Manager, Eng. Joseph Tweheyo, meticulously detailed the intricacies of the reservoirs. Perched atop Nsumaba hill, these reservoirs, with a capacity of 40 million liters, serve the areas of; Mukono, Seeta, Mutungo, Sonde, Namugongo, with water pumped from the KDWTP.

Subsequently, the delegation proceeded to the Katosi DWTP, witnessing firsthand the comprehensive water production process from intake to distribution. They also observed the utilization of SCADA technology, a sophisticated system employed for efficient monitoring and control at the plant.

Xavier Sticker lauded the Katosi project as “incredibly impressive,” emphasizing its significance as an opportunity to reflect on past achievements and future endeavors in water-related initiatives, especially with International Water Day approaching. He recapped the strong partnership between Uganda and France, characterizing it as an investment in Uganda’s development.

Robert Matsiko, representing the Ministry of Finance, hailed the Katosi project as a example of shared prosperity and a testament to collaborative endeavors, and emphasized its transformative impact and the importance of water access as a fundamental human right.

Eng. Christopher Tumusiime from the Ministry of Water and Environment expressed gratitude towards the French government for their critical financial support, highlighting its importance in addressing pressing needs. He also stressed the necessity of extending water access and allocating sufficient financial resources to ensure it reaches the end-users.

Eng. Amayo Johnson, the NWSC Deputy Managing Director-Technical Services, highlighted the extensive partnership between NWSC and AFD, expressing gratitude for their flexibility and support. He also drew attention to a funding gap in the project, emphasizing the importance of continued support.

While giving the closing remarks, NWSC Senior Director of Engineering Services, Eng. Alex Gisagara, thanked all stakeholders for their collaborative efforts in extending water access to Ugandans, and went on to highlight AFD’s role in funding crucial projects like Kampala Water and Sanitation Project (KW-WATSAN) package 5b, aimed at improving water and sanitation infrastructure.

Notably, the partnership between NWSC and AFD has so far seen the acceleration of access to clean safe water for over five million people, effectively doubling the coverage provided by the Katosi project.

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