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DETAILS: How City Gangster Sobi was killed

Sobi was killed during land eviction

GOMBA: Paddy Sserunjonji aka Sobi, a self-confessed former leader of Kifeesi, a criminal gang in Kampala has been killed.

Sobi was killed in Maddu, Gomba in a botched land eviction.

The acting Katonga region police spokesperson, Superintendent of Police Karim Majid confirmed the development.

“It is confirmed one Paddy Sserunjogi aka Sobi was killed by a mob,” Majid told the DailyPost.

It is alleged that in the incident that happened on land belonging to one Kalisa, in Kibaale LC one, Kigumba parish, Maddu subcounty in Gomba district, a group of around 50 people armed with sticks, pangas and spears attacked another group who claimed the same land belongs to them.

During the fight, Sobi was killed.

More details indicate that the said land was bought by Kalisa for shs100 million in 2007 and paid only shs20million before it was said he had bought it from a wrong person.

Another group of people who claimed to be children and grand children of late Paul Kibi presented land titles claiming the said land and the matter went up to court.

It is said that the other  group hired goons from Kisenyi, in Kampala to clear the land and a fight ensued today, Monday leading to Sobi’s death.

The Katonga police spokesperson told the Daily Post on Monday evening that officers were still on ground to gather more facts including those injured and also a possibility of more dead bodies being recovered.

Sobi came to the spotlight in 2017 when he confessed to be the leader of Kifeesi, a criminal gang, which terrorized Kampala.

His group terrorized citizens in Kampala and on several occasions, their victims died.

He conducted ‘operations’ involving petty theft, armed robberies and sometimes murder.

His gang robbed several forex bureaus in the city.

On several occasions, whenever he was arrested and sent to jail, Sobi and his gang members would later be released on bail and begin from where they left.

It was later reported that Sobi was working for Internal Security Organisation(ISO) during the reign of Col Kaka Bagyenda.

Involved in land grabbing

Sobi was also involved in several cases of land grabbing where he was allegedly used by ‘big shots’ to help them take ‘enticing’ pieces of land in any part of the country.

For example, in 2021, he was involved in forceful fencing off of four acres of a swamp in Nakuwadde village near Bulenga in Wakiso district.

In 2022, Sobi introduced himself as a soldier from the Special Forces Command to grab a five acre piece of land from a 94-year-old man in Mukono district.

He raided Musa Mwanje’s land – measuring 5 acres on the orders of Fulgensio Ssembajwe, the administrator of the estate of the late John Lule Ssebakijja, a neighbour to Mwanje.

Sobi says that before the death of Ssebakijja, he had bought 20 acres of land from Mwanje, and unfortunately after he died, the transfer process was not completed.

He said he had been promised 10 acres out of the 20 once he clears and fences off the contested land from that of Mwanje where he presented himself as an SFC operative hired to clear the contested land.

Sserunjogi recently mentioned he had political ambitions on his last high-profile interview on NBS TV.

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