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Crackdown on water infrastructure vandals yields results in Entebbe

ENTEBBE: In response to a surge in meter theft plaguing the National Water and Sewerage Corporation’s (NWSC) Entebbe Area, with over 120 meters reported stolen in just one month, action was imperative. Spearheaded by the Area’s General Manager, Ms. Gloria Bashemera and her branch management team, a collaborative effort with the Uganda Police was launched to combat this escalating issue.

The crackdown began with a targeted operation across several scrap shops in the region. In Kaboona, Garuga, one such shop was discovered to be harboring several private water meters. Upon the arrival of law enforcement, the caretaker swiftly absconded, fearing arrest. Subsequent discussions with the Local Council yielded a promise of cooperation in identifying the scrap dealer, with further engagement at Kisubi police station to provide vital information on the origin of the stolen meters.

Continuing their vigilance, near the Kawuku branch office, the team uncovered additional stolen infrastructure. GI pipes, a pipe piece “3/4”, and a saddle were among the items found. However, upon consultation with a local plumber, it was determined that the GI pipes did not belong to the corporation, a clear depiction of the complexities of the investigation.

In a turn of events however, the collaborative efforts between NWSC and the community bore fruit in Lugonjo. Ten stolen water meters, stolen from NWSC customers on February 17, 2024, were successfully recovered. This was made possible through the proactive engagement of private guards and vigilant community members, empowered by NWSC’s advocacy for heightened awareness and collective action in safeguarding water infrastructure.

The theft case in Lugonjo, was then documented at the local police station pending investigation under reference number 15/17/02/2024 however, the perpetrators remain elusive, highlighting the need for sustained cooperation between NWSC, law enforcement, and the communities they serve.

Despite these victories, challenges persist, but through collaborative efforts and community engagement initiatives, the corporation is bound to overcome the vandalism that threatens the integrity of its operations.

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