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Auditor General’s Office Applauds NWSC – KW Management for serving the country with Transparency

MUKONO: In a nation grappling with corruption’s detrimental effects, the Auditor General’s office has emerged as a beacon of hope. The office is charged with delivering meticulous reports that promote transparent governance and effective accountability in the utilization of public funds. This institution plays a pivotal role in reshaping Uganda’s financial landscape, aiming to eliminate corrupt practices that have drained the government’s coffers and hindered the efficient delivery of services.
Recently, a delegation from the Auditor General’s office comprised of; Eng. Helen Izma, Mr. John Mark Sengonzi, and Mr. Frank Byarugaba, visited the Katosi Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP) in Mukono district. During this visit, NWSC-KW’s commitment to transparency and quality service delivery was commendably showcased. The team lauded the efforts of Kampala Water for their resolute stance against corruption and their dedication to providing excellent services to the citizens of Uganda.

The visit to the Katosi DWTP was meticulously planned, seeking to gain deep insights into the plant’s operations since its inception in August 2019. Eng. Izma, visibly impressed by the advanced technology employed to purify and deliver clean water to millions, encouraged the NWSC-KW team to persistently uphold their exceptional work. Her aspirations extend beyond clean water provision, aiming to trigger a paradigm shift towards improved sanitation and hygiene throughout the country.
Eng. Izma’s commendations extended to the plant’s management, where a culture of excellence was evident in the demeanor and discipline of the staff. She remarked, “The plant’s cleanliness, staff discipline, and professionalism are truly remarkable. This serves as an inspiring example, and I urge you all to maintain this exceptional standard.” These words not only praise the present achievements but also inspire future efforts to sustain a culture of excellence.
Mr. Godwin Wafula, the acting plant manager who guided the delegation, expressed his gratitude for their visit. He pledged to continue striving diligently to meet the needs of customers while upholding the standards of NWSC-KW. This visit marked the first of the annual audits scheduled for Katosi and Nsumba reservoir, underlining the dedication of NWSC-KW to rigorous self-assessment and continuous improvement.
NWSC-KW’s relentless commitment to delivering impeccable service is a testament to its unwavering dedication, consistently proving its mettle as a leading water utility, serving the people of Uganda with unparalleled diligence, care, and commitment. The journey towards transparency, accountability, and excellence is undoubtedly challenging, but NWSC-KW stands as a beacon of hope, showcasing what can be achieved through ethical governance and resolute determination.

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