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Age limit vocal MP Andrew Martial kicked out of Parliament

The Appeals Court has Tuesday morning thrown out Igara East MP Andrew Martial from the 10th Parliament.

Martial polled 15983 votes in last year’s general election beating Michael Mawanda who was the incumbent MP by about 800 votes. Mawanda garnered 15091 votes.

Mawanda, a former MP of the said constituency – not satisfied with 2016 election results – petitioned authorities, citing malpractices.

According to Mawanda, there were irregularities in the voting, tallying and announcing of results like arithmetic variations on the result declaration forms, creation of non gazetted polling stations, ballot stuffing, intimidation, defamation by agents of his opponent and bribery.

Mawanda in one of the court sessions.

The decision to throw out Martial from Parliament was reached by judges Egoda Ntende, Richard Buteera and new deputy chief justice Owiny Odolo.

Martial, an NRM candidate has been vocal in the Age limit campaign supporting legislators opposed to the lifting of presidential age limit.

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