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73 NWSC Staff Acquire Trailblazing Customer Service Skills

MBALE: In line with the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Corporate Plan 2021-2024, which aligns seamlessly with the National Development Plan III (2021-2025), NWSC has placed a paramount focus on skill development and workforce enhancement. These endeavors fall under the Strategic Priority Areas (SPA3 & 5), which directly contribute to employee capacity growth and the long-term sustainability of the organization.
The corporation is committed to providing its staff with value-added training experiences, both internally and externally, aimed at equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to boost productivity and elevate service standards in the sector. With that in mind, 73 frontline staff members from the Northern and Eastern Regions recently embarked on a journey to acquire trailblazing customer service skills. The overarching objective of this training initiative was to sharpen the skills of NWSC personnel, enabling them to adeptly handle all aspects of customer interactions during their service delivery.

The training sessions, which took place in the cities of Gulu and Mbale from Tuesday, September 5th, 2023, to Friday, September 8th, 2023, encompassed a wide range of skills, from effective communication and problem-solving to empathy and active listening. NWSC’s goal is to ensure that every interaction leaves a positive impression and builds trust with their valued customers.
This skilling initiative serves as a prelude to a significant milestone, the imminent award of the Customer Service Advisors (CSA) Diploma. This certification will validate the expertise of NWSC’s customer service staff, and also set a benchmark for excellence in the industry.
NWSC’s unwavering commitment to this endeavor is evident in the leadership’s active involvement and support as the Managing Director NWSC, Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha, together with the Board, Executive Management, and Senior Director-BSS Dr. Rose Kaggwa, personally championed this initiative. The Senior Management Teams in Mbale and Gulu were also rather instrumental in hosting and facilitating the training, ensuring its success.
NWSC also brought in seasoned trainers, Mr. George Kasule and Mr. David Opoka, to lead the sessions. Their expertise and dedication, combined with the enthusiasm of the NWSC team, created an environment ripe for learning and growth.
As NWSC continues to raise the bar in customer service, it’s clear that its dedication to creating exceptional customer experiences will be a defining hallmark of the brand. So, as these 73 staff members return to their roles, they do so armed with the knowledge, skills, and dedication needed to provide unparalleled customer service.

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