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Usain Bolt ‘caught in bed with Brazilian student’ in Rio

Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth and the smooth winner of three gold medals at Rio Olympics 2016 has had a pretty wild birthday celebration, it seems. The athlete turned 30 on Sunday (August 21) and was seen partying at All In, a club in the Barra de Tijuca suburb of Rio, till wee hours of the morning. Photos and videos of Bolt dancing at the nightclub have been widely circulated, but what has caused a lot of buzz are a series of WhatsApp pictures of the Jamaican with a 20-year-old student.


Usain Bolt cuddling with a Rio student Jady Duarte

In the photos that have gone viral, a bare-chested Bolt is seen sharing some intimate moments with Rio girl Jady Duarte. One of the pictures show Bolt kissing Duarte on the cheek while she clicks the picture. These images were apparently shared by Duarte via WhatsApp with her friends, but were then somehow leaked online. This would all have been de rigueur if it hadn’t been for the public knowledge that Bolt is in a committed relationship for the past two-odd years. The pictures reportedly first appeared on several Brazilian websites like El Globo.

Usain Bolt twerking. The Jamaican superstar celebrated his latest haul of 3 gold medals in Rio - and his birthday - by hitting a club and dancing on stage. Although he reportedly has a girlfriend back home he calls his "first lady", he appeared to be enjoying the attention he was getting from one lady. The girl can be seen twerking and grinding on him as he smiles broadly. The runner hit the club All In until 7am, DJing and MCing on stage to the delight of the locals, and reportedly did not go alone. Ref: SPL1337739 210816 EXCLUSIVE Video by: Leo Marinho / Splash News

Usain Bolt twerking.

Bolt was dating 26-year-old Kasi Bennett from the past two years, his sister has been reported to have said recently. Bennett’s last couple of tweets have been a bit cryptic with one suggesting that she’s going to log off Twitter, something she has made fun of people for doing before. Was this in response to all these speculations, we wonder?


Bolt with long-term girlfriend, 26-year-old Kasi Bennett

Bennett has been openly enthusiastic about the nine-time-gold medallist winning in the Olympics this time too and had showered him with praises and love on her Twitter feed.

Though the two had been keeping their relationship private for a while, Bennett was recently identified as Bolt’s girlfriend, with reports saying that he called her his ‘First Lady’. According to People,  Bolt had previously said that he’s only officially had three or four girlfriends in the past, and seeks stability in his relationships.

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