Those who want to kill me are rich land grabbers, Minister Nantaba cries as she blasts security agencies over death of Ronald Sebulime - Daily Post Uganda

Those who want to kill me are rich land grabbers, Minister Nantaba cries as she blasts security agencies over death of Ronald Sebulime

Minister Ida Nantaba says her life is in danger

KAYUNGA: The troubled state minister of Information and Communication Cechnology (ICT), Aida Nantaba, has said those behind the assassination attempt on her life are rich land grabbers in the country who she said also own radio stations.

Minister Nantaba said during thanksgiving ceremony she held at Seventh Day Adventist Church Bukolooto, Kayunga district. Nantaba said she held the service to thank God for surviving the assassination attempt on March 24, 2019.

The minister was accompanied by Minister of state for tourism Kiwanda Ssuubi, Ntenjeru south MP, Fred Baseke and other legislators.

She averred, that the assassination attempt was staged by individuals who have continued to fight against her leadership. She alleges, that the late Ronald Sebulime, who trailed her on a motorcycle as she left her home in Kayunga was being hired by that individual. Sebulime was later killed by police after had been arrested in Nagojje.

She said that fateful day was planned from the ground saying on Sunday her allied police officers were transferred on that very day and then unnamed policed officer called her and started monitoring her movement.

“A police officer called my assistant asking where we are and where we will be. He later came home, after setting off to Kampala we found someone who later trailed us. The assasain was killed to distort evidence.” Adding that police officer Saali killed the suspect to protect that rich individual. She asked why police has not named the person who ordered the shooting of Sebulime.

Narrating her ordeal, Nantaba, said it is God’s grace that she is still alive. The MP who sobbed before her supporters, said they wanted to kill me because they are rich with radio and television stations.

She tasked police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, to tell Ugandans who ordered Ssali to kill Sebulime. ” with the advanced technology, all calls are recorded, let them check and Identify who is killing Ugandans. Let them go to Uganda communications commission and be availed with that information”

Nantaba said that many attempts have been staged to kill her. She revealed that in 2016 the same individuals with radio stations ran to court and secured a court order blocking the MP from being nominated for 2016 elections claiming that she lacks academic papers. The matter was later quenched by Court of appeal.

“They approached a judge in Jinja court but declined to issue them with the court order. They didn’t relent, instead paid shs3 million to another judge who later issued them with Court order,” she narrated

“Am sorry to say this because the late ASP Muhammad Kirumira’s said when you speak you die and die when you keep quiet. I was poisoned in 2016 after elections and treated in Kenya. During that same year, I was teargassed at a police station after NRM elections”

She vowed to continue serving the people of Kayunga and raise voices for development of the district.  She pledged to fight for the underprivileged people who tend to suffer at the hands of privileged or rich individuals in the district.

She lauded her supporters for always standing with her in all hardships.

She also accused Deputy Inspector of police Brig. Sabiti Muzeyi of supporting the group fighting against her and rallying witness against her bodyguard.

She said as muzeeyi served under special forces command (SFC) he mobilesd witnesses against her body guard identified as Tugume over an incident that happened in Kayunga where he alleged that Tugume took part in a fight during 2016 elections.

The director of Bugema University, Dr. Moses Maka, said it is shameful that the hypocrites continue to witch hunt Nantaba instead of joining hands for the development of the country.

” There are hypocrites along her way, do you member when she was appointed the minister of land, they tried to resist her appointment forgetting that it was God who chose her to led and raise voices of the people of Kayunga,” he said.


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