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Shame as Ex-MP Singh Katongole is caught with LCI polls “ghost voters” Register

RUBAGA – Former Rubaga North Member of Parliament (MP) Singh Katongole has Tuesday July 10 been caught up in an embarrasing Village Council I election in Makamba Zone, Rubaga Division, Kampala.

The poll was forced cancelled after the former MP was accused of ballot stuffing and registering ghost voters from his home, police confirmed on Tuesday night.

Mr Katongole was standing against the popular incumbent Ms Proscovia Lukwago for the position.

Running on the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) ticket and despite employing convoys and music systems as part of his campaign trail, Mr Katongole surprisingly found himself the outsider in local election, eye witnesesses said.

Mr Katongole who is no stranger to controversy and currently at the heart of disagreements in the Asian Community ahead of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Uganda, survived being lynched by angry residents, according to eye witnesses over allegations of electoral malpractices and hiring non-residents to vote him in the countrywide election held on Tuesday.

This was after voters of Makamba Zone, Rubaga Division accused the embattled politician of alternating the voters register, and ferrying voters from other villages to come and vote for him leading to a scuffle at Makamba Zone polling stations.

Katongole was in 2011 ejected from Parliament following a petition by Mr Moses Kasibante on issues related to electoral malpractices including voter bribery and ballot stuffing.

Earlier, Mr Katongole also the former deputy treasurer of the ruling (NRM) party was accused registering voters from his home.
The Ugandan-Asian politician has once again been slapped with another disappointment after being defeated in a local election.

Mr Katongole was in 2016 denied the ruling party flag ahead of general elections on grounds that he lacked proper academic credentials


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