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Shame as Bank of Baroda sells dead man’s plot in recovery of loan he never took


KAMPALA: The Managing Director of Bank of Baroda Ashwini Kumara was all shameful as he tried to explain to the commission of inquiry into land matters how the bank advanced a loan to a dead person and later sold his plot of land in Kasangati Town Council, Wakiso district.

The commission heard that the bank gave the late Joseph Maria Sseruwo Shs51 million in September 1994, yet he had passed on a month earlier. The bank would go on to sell the plot of the deceased for “defaulting on the Shs 51 million loan that he did not take.

The matter was brought to the commission’s attention by Sseruwo’s widow.

In the commission, Kumara was shown the death certificate of Sseruwo indicating he died on August 28, 1994. Yet the letter was written in September by the bank demanding for repayment of the loan and interest.

The land in question is located on block 129 plot 76 covering 22 acres at Nalusugga Kasangati Town council in Wakiso district.

The commission also asked Kumara to present documents for the bank account to which the loan money was advanced.

“Where are the documents of the money given to Sseruwo and who received the money because Sseruwo was dead?”  Asked the deputy lead counsel for the commission, John Bosco Suuza.

Kumara said he could not find the documents as the loan was given 24 years ago.

Kumara begged the commission not to disclose the information to the media but members quahed his plea.

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