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Premier Recruitment Ltd.sends more girls to Saudi Arabia for work


KAMPALA: Labour recruitment agency, Premier Recruitment Ltd. yesterday sent more girls to work in Jeddah Saudi Arabia as house maids for two years.

“Today another 14 candidates left for Jeddah to work as housemaids for 2 years. We have now helped 38 unemployed Ugandan females in the last 2 months who are bettering their lives with this opportunity,” the company which is part of the Ruparelia Group said.

“We have visited the offices of the agencies we work with in Saudi Arabia and have strong relationships with them to ensure our candidates are placed in good households. Good luck to this latest group who are embarking on their new journey! They will save money and learn new skills and experiences,” the company’s representative said.

In February the company, barely 6 months after it entered the private labour recruitment market, sent its first batch of Ugandan ladies to Jeddah to work as domestic workers on a two-year contract.

According to Mr. Rajiv Ruparelia, CEO Premier Recruitment, the Uganda labour externalization industry is a vital source of livelihood for both the employees and their families and a major pillar of the economy that ought to be protected by all the stakeholders and bad apples weeded out.

Rajiv also says, beyond direct economic gains, labour externalization had other benefits such as skills transfer, mobilization of capital for investment and improving household incomes and standards of living for their dependents back home.

The Bank of Uganda, Personal Transfers Survey 2017 indicated that the Middle East was the second biggest source of remittances to Uganda (28.6%) after Africa (29%). Europe (20.7%) and North/South America (18.41%) were third and fourth respectively.

According to the Uganda Association for External Recruitment Agencies, there are 140,000 skilled and semi-skilled Ugandans working in the Middle East as blue-collar professionals as well as technicians, security personnel, porters, drivers, cleaners, housekeepers, catering and hospitality personnel.

The survey also showed that remittances benefited up to 820,000 households and that $6 out of every $10 received, went to financing household expenses and education.


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