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Parents vow to sue Green hill academy over gay literature

Outraged parents are considering seeking legal redress against  Green Hill Academy after images of books with explicit content from the school library were released on social media. In audio recordings circulating on social media platforms, parents have testified to having found their children with such material and when asked the children said they got it from their teachers.

So, its against this background that parents want the school to produce the teachers involved and their motive for promoting books containing literature on sex among primary pupils.


The books that were stocked in the Library.

The school later issued a formal statement apologizing but the overly angered parents have not forgiven the school for poisoning their children’s innocent little minds. Parents are outraged in some of the audios you can hear parents describing the incident as a ‘total shame’.


Mrs Joy Veronica Maraka

Mrs Veronica Joy Maraka, the Rector for Green Hill Academy Buwate campus,  requested the parents to seek audience with the school’s administration instead of “running to social media”. However, because of the implications, anger and psychological pain, the parents  have preferred legal action.

“We believe that the use of social media in such circumstances  may not be the appropriate platform for resolution of issues that concern the upbringing and confidence of minors.”


Some of the content in these books promote homosexuality to the young innocent minds.

Love Lessons” tells the story of 14-year-old Prudence, who escapes the misery of life at home with a controlling father after falling in love with her handsome art teacher.

Though she shares kisses with the teacher there is no explicit sexual content in the novel, which is aimed at young teenagers.


A book containing gay content.



Father Simon Lokodothe minister of ethics and integrity, is said to have stormed the school and confiscated all books with any such material.


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