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NWSC Upgrading the Ggaba Water Treatment Plant with Sludge Treatment

NWSC ED Silver Mugisha inspecting the site (Courtesy Photo)

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation will stop at nothing to keep its promise of “Water for All” to the people of Uganda. This is seen in the infrastructural growth aimed at boosting production to ensure access to water for all in the various areas of operation.

New on the block is the Construction of Sludge treatment facility and Additional clarifier stream, both at the Ggaba Water Treatment Plant in Kampala.

The Senior Manager Water Production, Eng. Andrew Muhwezi, while hosting the Corporation’s Managing Director Dr Eng. Silver Mugisha, gave a brief of the progress of works and the environmental benefits that the project Sludge treatment facility will bring in terms of raw water quality improvement and safe guarding the natural filter that minimizes lake pollution.

In the case of the Additional Clarifier Stream; This highly efficient water treatment line will utilize Dissolved Air Flotation Technology (DAF) and is expected to resolve a key operational bottleneck of Ggaba 1 treatment plant and ultimately restore the plant capacity to 72,000m3 per day, further stabilizing water supply in Kampala.

Works are reportedly going utterly well and steadily especially with the test running and technical commissioning already underway. The projects are being constructed by Sogea Satom under supervision of Tractbel/GKW consults

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