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NWSC MD Dr. Silver Mugisha inspires Kyeizooba Archdeaconry Youth

BUSHENYI: The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Managing Director, Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha, took center stage as the Chief Guest to inaugurate a two-day Youth Conference in Kyeizooba Archdeaconry, West Ankole Diocese. Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha not only graced the occasion but also shared invaluable Words of Wisdom with the eager and vibrant youth in attendance.

Breaking away from the monotony of conventional advice, Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha emphasized the importance of acquiring skills in addition to formal education. Addressing the assembly, he highlighted the significance of discipline, hard work, and trustworthiness as essential attributes for success in life. His words resonated deeply, echoing a call for a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

Reverend Can. Namanya Makuru, expressed gratitude on behalf of the youth, and acknowledged Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha for dedicating his valuable time to inspire and guide the future leaders of Uganda. The Reverend highlighted the importance of such interactions, stressing their positive impact on the youth as they navigate the complexities of life.

Adding to the accolades, Reverend Can. Arthur Atwine lauded Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha as a prominent figure in the country, whose words carry significant weight and influence.

All in all, the Youth Conference provided a unique platform for Dr. Eng Silver Mugisha to connect with the aspiring young minds, offering insights that transcended the traditional boundaries of education.

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