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NRM CEC members hit at Museveni over Oil Cash Bonanza

President Museveni on Friday night felt the full fury of senior members of his National Resistance Movement(NRM) over the controversial decision to dole out Shs 6b to top government officials in lucrative payments that have been dubbed the Oil Cash bonanza.

During a meeting of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) at State House Entebbe, members questioned the criteria that was used to dole out the Shs 6b, with Museveni forced to defend his role in sanctioning the payments.

CEC members told the President that there is growing public anger over the payments, given that they became open knowledge at a time when most Ugandans are struggling to make ends meet given the biting economic conditions.

At the meeting, Museveni was not happy with the move by Parliament to investigate the process of rewarding the 42 officials with Shs 6b and made his feelings known.

One CEC member asked why the government managed to reward officials with this money but could not find Shs 15b to organize Local Council elections that have been on the waiting list for the past three decades.

Angered by the insinuation that government was dilly-dallying over the Local Council elections for fear of losing, Museveni ruled that the elections be deferred to a date when enough money will be available for the Electoral Commission to do a decent job.

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