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New water treatment plant to address water scarcity in Entebbe area

ENTEBBE: The construction of a new water treatment plant on the shores of Lake Victoria is set to significantly improve water supply in the Entebbe area, addressing the current deficit and extending services to previously unserved regions such as Nakawuka and Kasanje. The facility is expected to produce approximately 20,000 cubic meters of water per day, greatly enhancing the local water network.

A team of engineers from the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) Head Office, led by the Deputy Managing Director-Technical Services, Eng. Johnson Amayo, on May 23rd, 2024 conducted a thorough site exploration along the Lake Victoria shoreline. The team included; Eng. Denis Taremwa, Eng. Joe Kamanyi, Eng. Anthony Ojok, Eng. Allan Kakwezi, Gloria Bashemera, Brian Ampaire, and Cream Treasure. Their reconnaissance covered potential locations such as Buvi, Bitalo, and Nakiwogo landing sites.

During the site visits, the team evaluated various parameters crucial for the plant’s success. These included site accessibility, land availability, proximity to power sources, lake water depth, and water quality challenges. Additionally, the engineers engaged with local residents to gather insights and better understand each location’s unique characteristics.

The exploration revealed significant potential in the Kasanje and Nakawuka areas, which are currently underserved yet are experiencing rapid residential and commercial development. The feasibility of extending water supply from the new treatment plant to the Mpigi area was also considered.

Following the productive field visits, the team plans to continue their investigations next week. This will involve exploring more potential sites, conducting depth investigations, and collecting water samples for quality testing. Subsequent steps include assessing potential reservoir locations and pipeline routes to select the optimal solution.

Once the best site is chosen, detailed design work will commence, leading to the tendering process. NWSC is committed to Water for All.

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