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Kasekende’s undeclared properties raise questions about his motive

KAMPALA – Louis Kasekende and a team of Bank of Uganda including the governor are appearing before Parliament’s COSASE committee to respond to irregularities in the closure of defunct banks as cited in the Auditor General’s special audit report dated 27th August 2018.

The recent journey to this much awaited appearance has been characterised revelations of suspicious wealth and transactions by the Deputy Governor and his wife, Edith Kasekende.

This notwithstanding, The public was treated to news about Kasekende’s assets as declared to the Inspector general of government as required by the Leadership Code Act of 2002.

In particular , the value of his stated and declared plots of land is almost Uganda shillings 10 billion.

However, fresh documents indicate that Louis Kasekende didn’t declare all his properties to IGG, an act which leads to questions about his motives.

Why did Kasekende hide some of his properties from the Igg?

Did he acquire them legitimately?

What was he trying to conceal?

 *Kasekende’s Undeclared properties*

The fresh document I was able to read shows that Kasekende owns the following properties.

The plots Kasekende has never declared are; Plot 38 (0.157 hectares) in Lower Naguru on East road worth Shs1.280 billion, Plot 1423 on block 314 in Buloba worth Shs432 million.

Others whose value is not quoted are; Plot 1738 (0.809 hectares), Plot 3213 (0.079 hectares), plot 1427 (3.647 hectares), plot 184 (2.7 hectares), plot 1754 (1.624 hectares) and plot 6102 (0.317 hectares).

The revelation of his undeclared plots is bold statement of how untruthful Dr Kasekende was while he declared his assets, income and liabilities with the Inspectorate, an act which contravenes the leadership code Act of 2002.

 *What he declared*

Louis Kasekende was able to declare that he owns Plot 2A (0.142 Hectares) in Makindu worth Shs3.6 billion, Plot 2 (0.22 Hectares) on Bukoto Rise worth Shs2.7 billion, Block 314, plot 706, Plot 1475 Lubowa Estate work Shs3.6 billion and Plot 12 on Corporation Road Ntinda.

Finally, the demand for accountability is one we shouldn’t give up on but always demand for it from leaders.

The Igg has to do justice to the public, swing into action. It is possible that Kasekende has more plots and other properties than what he declared and what has been revealed of late

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