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Kanyamunyu, girlfriend, brothers to appear in court tomorrow

Police spokesperson Andrew Kaweesi on Saturday said that the suspects in forest mall shooting will on Monday 21 November 2016 will be paraded in court and charged accordingly.

City businessman, Matthew Kanyamunyu and his Burundian girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari have been in police custody since November 12 when they were arrested following the shooting of Akena.

On Thursday, police picked up Kanyamunyu’s brothers; Joseph Kanyamunyu and Moses Kanyamunyu to help with investigations. Police also searched their homes.

Kaweesi also said the suspects have been in their custody beyond the constitutional 48 hours because police were still investigating the case.

“We will produce them in court next week. If courts sat on weekends, we would have charged them already,” said Mr Kaweesi.
Following the shooting, several questions have been raised including why there was no victim’s blood in Kanyamunyu’s car in which he was reportedly transported to the hospital following the shooting.
However, Kaweesi said this was possible because the bullet did not go through Akena.
“The bullet did not come out. It remained in his (Akena’s) body,” Mr Kaweesi said in a televised interview with NTV.

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