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Kajjansi 210m Winner Buys Posh Car, Land, Building

KAMPALA – Two and a half months ago, Willy Bizimungu, via www.fortebet.ug, selected matches with a stake of 10,000/= and won 210 million shillings.

“This is the biggest amount I have ever held in my life,” Bizimungu said on the day Fortebet handed over this money to him.

Indeed, this money has done wonders in his life because he is completely a new Bizimungu.

Fortebet visited Bizimungu to find out how he utilized his money and the results were wowing!

“I first bought this vehicle (Nissan Elgrand) at 23 million. I have really enjoyed its fanciness and I do not regret,” Bizimungu started his expenditure narration.

He added, “Secondly, I bought land close to an acre at 80 million at Kajjansi and started building in it.

It had a house structure that had been built slightly over foundation level. As we talk, my house is half-way constructed. I hope it will be completed by mid next year.

I also built a house for his dad and completed it” He further noted that after the construction of the main house, he plans to erect many rentals that will help him generate more income for years ahead.

He said that he has still kept the balance on his account to help him with the construction and as he plans for the best other option of investment.

“I want to thank Fortebet for this money. I will never be the same way I was before winning this money.

My economic and social status rose the moment I won this money and I promise it will keep rising,” Bizimungu noted.

In his message to Fortebet punters, Bizimungu advised that, “I am an example to confirm that betting is not bad. However, you just need to bet responsibly.

Make sure you work then bet after work.

Secondly, do not spend all money on betting because you will not be able to bet tomorrow if today you have betted money for food, rent.”


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