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IGP Kayihura is not above the law – Otafiire

Uganda’s Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Maj. Gen Kahinda Otafiire has finally broken silence over the Wednesday incident when pro-Kayihura rioters stormed Makindye Chief Magistrate’s Court to show solidarity with the IGP.

Kahinda while appearing on NBS’ #Frontline program Thursday night said, the act was unlawful and it shouldn’t be repeated again.

“With or without permission, nobody should demonstrate outside a court,” Otafiire said.  He added, “Nobody should interfere with courts of law” and that it’s an obligation of the police to ensure that courts of law are protected.


IGP Kayihura’s Supporters demostrating outside court premises

When asked to comment about Kayihura’s act of snubbing court summons, Otafiire said, “We should all go to court to prove our innocence, we are innocent until proven guilty. This hooliganism is unacceptable.”

According to Otafiire, Kayihura is under an obligation to answer court summons without excuse.

Otafiire however, hinted at the possibility that the IGP wasn’t served court summons and challenged anyone to adduce evidence that Gen. Kayihura was served.

“It is possible that Gen. Kayihura wasn’t served, he is a lawyer, the Kayihura I know wouldn’t snub court summons,” Otafiire said before adding, “If indeed there is evidence Gen. Kayihura was served, then it is unfortunate that he snubbed summons, we need to give IGP Kayihura benefit of the doubt until we have evidence,” he concluded.

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