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God Helped Me win Elections — Museveni

President Museveni has revealed that it’s the will of God that made him win the February 2016 elections.

“I think you were right to simply pray for the will of God to be done. That was a good strategy. Otherwise, you would have usurped the power of God. I congratulate you on that,” President Museveni responded to David Bahati, who had earlier said; “We agreed to pray for peace and stability and let God’s will be done.”

Museveni told the 18th National Prayer Breakfast at Hotel Africana in Kampala on Saturday that at last year’s breakfast prayers that preceded the election campaigns, members were right not to take sides in the presidential election that pitted him against seven challengers.

Though Museveni was declared winner of the elections with 60.7 per cent, his opponents rejected the results as flawed and his closest challenger, Dr Kizza Besigye, who garnered 35 per cent, according to the Electoral Commission, is still demanding an international audit of the election.

“I don’t pray that much but once in a while, I sit down and consult with God. Mama Janet prays day and night,” he said.

Museveni revealed that it was by divine power that he was able to pardon Chris Rwakasisi in 2009 after spending 20 years in Luzira Prison.

Rwakasisi is a former minister of security during Milton Obote’s regime.

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