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Is Fr Lokodo, Pornography Control Committee sleeping on job?

Fr Lokodo, Jack Pemba and Suleman (inset)

Last year around August 2017 the government inaugurated a nine-member pornographic control committee to prevent use or spread of pornographic materials and information.
Ethics minister Simon Lokodo said the government would spend Shs2b each year to fund activities of the ad hoc team he inaugurated at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala.

However, the Ethics ministry and the pornographic control committee chaired by Dr Annette Kezaabu Kasimbazi has shown no much action to the sporadic pornographic materials doing rounds on social media notwithstanding culprits’ whereabouts.

In Tanzania a top music personality Diamond Platnumz was arrested last week. Not for theft, assault or corruption but for releasing content deemed not fit for public consumption.

Days later, content worse than that outed by Diamond was released in Uganda but not even a statement from the above regulatory authorities has been made yet one of the actors is busy lauding her prowess allover social media.

All we do is cheer and cheer and cheer. If not tamed quickly, the release of such content is likely to become a normality. Looking at the trend, like the cheers always motivate more and more to ‘leak’ their scenes from their beds. A few years back when singer Cindy’s nudes ended up in public, socialite Judith heard’s followed days later.

Relatively when Desire released her nude photos, inspiring a couple of her songs, they were followed by nudes of Brenda Nambi. One was cheered while another was ignored. Both are deep in the village as their nudes could only earn them a few day’s hype.

These were followed with one from Zari a few hours to her party and ones of her ex-boyfriend Farouk Ssempala came a few days later. Much as he is fit for the post given his conservative background, I think Fr Lokodo is sleeping on duty.

Many Ugandans have argued for a religious balance in Fr Lokodo’s portfolio! From a Fr to a Sheikh!

‘’Hand that docket to a Sheikh… a tabliq of sorts and we see whether we’ll have any other content coming out’’ Afunah Dixy TinTin a digital media influencer lamented.  ‘’Such people need lashing and then taken to a hardware. Buy them an axe, panga, slasher, a hoe and seeds and then send them to the village on part of that land being given to refugees’’. He added, that way, they will learn that money can be made through other means other than from scenes recorded from their bedrooms.

Otherwise everything remains as it is, more and more of such content will come out….after all nothing happens to the culprits.

Early this week self-styled tycoon Jack Pemba hit headlines after allegedly releasing his own sex tape with a side girlfriend one Honey Suleman.

The girl whose face is fully visible in the tape insists that she didn’t do anything wrong because the intimate videos were recorded out of love.

However, Pemba has come out to rubbish claims of leaking his private tapes online.


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