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Former NSSF Boss Jamwa’s Case Flops

NSSF former boss Jamwa

KAMPALA – The hearing of the case in which David Jamwa Chandi the former Managing Director of National Social Security Fund is challenging his 12-year sentence has flopped at the Supreme Court due to lack of quorum.

Supreme Court Registrar Godfrey Anguandia Opifeni in his letter dated July, 17th, 2018 to the DPP and Jamwa’s lawyers notes that the cases which were supposed to be heard today will be fixed at a convenient date because the justices handling the matter are not around.

The team of five Justices led by the justice Chief Justice Bert Katureebe was absent.

The other justices are Sarah Arach Amoko Lillian Tibatemwa Ekirikubinza, Paul Mugamba and Augustine Nshimye.

Jamwa through his lawyer Mpanga went to the Supreme Court in January 2018 challenging the Court of Appeal judgement that upheld his sentence of 12 years, which he was given by the Anti-corruption Court for causing financial loss to government.

In September and November 2007, Jamwa sold off several government bonds held by NSSF before their maturity dates to now-defunct Crane bank.

The Court of Appeal pointed out that Justice John Bosco Katutsi of Anti-Corruption Court in his evaluation of evidence found that Jamwa, on October 3, 2007, had written to Crane bank giving it the mandate to sell the three-year-old government treasury bonds held by NSSF whose face value was 39 billion shillings.

A day later, on October 4, 2007, according to court documents, Jamwa approved a request to sell the same bonds at 36 billion shillings through Crane bank and that the bonds were eventually sold to the same bank before maturity date.

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