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Financial stability is key to sporting success in Uganda

Decolas Kiiza

KAMPALA: Sporting Organisations like the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) require funds for running activities like competitions, promotions, infrastructure, equipment, day-today administrative costs, training for human resource (coaches, referees, instructors, administrative staff, etc.), staff salaries and wages, taxes and other statutory obligations, among others all need money.

Any institution should be in position to meet its obligations which is no mean feat.

The main sources of funding for FUFA include grants from mother international organisations (FIFA and CAF), Government funding, sponsorships,, membership contributions, gate collections from competition matches, fines, registration and licensing levies, sale of merchandise and regalia to mention.

Successful (sporting) organisations don’t undertake many things; they set specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound goals, objectives and targets; maximise revenue collection; and exercise prudence while spending.

In 2013 FUFA set to double its income over 4 years by doubling energies and efforts through appropriate policies and strategic goals which led to the projected revenue of Ugx 34 billion in 2019 way above the earlier set forecasts.

One ought to know, analyse and satisfy the stakeholders’ interests and aspirations. International mother bodies (FIFA etal) set members’ obligations in addition to guidelines as conditions for their grants and compliance is the remedy. Set and practise policies that will meet the other party’s expectations for you to enjoy your rights and privileges to the maximum for your benefit and those of the membership.

Government is a key ally. You must be a good citizen!  FUFA has strategically and systematically engaged Government for its benefit and its members under the FLIP acronym; Funding, Legal framework, Infrastructure and Policies. Funds to sports activities from the National budget have since increased and FUFA has a national budget line of up to Ugx 10 billion this financial year to support the Uganda Cranes.

Some of the Delegates during the 94th FUFA Ordinary Assembly held in Kabale who passed the UGX 34bn budget for 2019.

The sports law now under review should address the now professional environment as opposed to the amateur setting of the yester years. The necessary infrastructure must be secured, protected, and appropriate to support professional sports in the country. Government should set policies that give incentives for investment in sports.

The recently FUFA organised working luncheon with the leadership of sports federations and associations was, among others, intended to mobilise for a common voice in the efforts towards a professional sports setting and Government funding. The penny spent was worth it and many more such an interaction will continue.

Sponsorships and partnerships are important for sports organisations; they provide that extra shilling needed for operations and development. However they are best in win-win situations; both parties should be able to reap from the synergy created as a result of the partnership.

The continuous renewal of sponsorships and partnerships with FUFA and improved packages is a testimony that the relationships are meeting both parties’ expectations. The interest has extended to partnerships with the football family countrywide. We only need to accelerate the momentum now created.

The National Insurance Cooperation (NIC) is the latest to rekindle their stake as the official insurance partner of the Uganda Cranes with an increased package; insurance cover for players and technical staff of the Uganda Cranes, the FUFA Drum, etal against injury, illness, and air travel on top of a stand by generator at the extended FUFA Secretariat. Players’ confidence and morale is greatly enhanced as these risks are well catered for. FUFA need not execute any insurance bond for the players and staff while on national duty or in the competitions covered.

FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo (2nd R) with NIC Officials during the ceremony organised to renew the Insurance partnership for another 4 years.

Previous life threatening illnesses were adequately and promptly handled. Uganda Cranes Goalkeeping Coach Fred Kajoba developed complications while air borne and could have lost his life but NIC promptly bank rolled his medical bills at the prestigious Nakasero Hospital. Career threatening injuries to Vipers Sports Club Khalid Lwalilwa and Express’ Brian Umony, among others, were picked and the boys are alive and kicking (the ball).

The fans that always grace our activities in thick and thin should be respected as their needs and aspirations are well addressed at competition events. Their contribution could be taken as minimal and sometimes insignificant but they might be the reason Government cares, sponsors and partners come along and don’t want to leave, your sales of merchandise and regalia increase!

Keep your membership mobilised with the desire to strive and grow their organisation all the time. Let those that comply enjoy their rights and privileges to the maximum lest they moot ideas for internal strife and leadership replacement at the detriment of the institution.

Therefore the people in sports entities must endeavour to maintain financial stability in order to fulfil our dreams. FUFA under the current leadership with Eng. Moses Magogo at the helm has set the right example to emulate.

The author is the Finance Director at the Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA).

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