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Ex RCC: Anti-graft activist Anderson Burora arrested for Criticizing Speaker Among

Former RCC Anderson Burora under arrest at Kira division police

KAMPALA: Former Rubaga Division Deputy Resident City Commissioner Anderson Burora has been arrested and is currently detained at Kira Division Police Station. He was picked at midnight from his home.

His arrest and detention follows his vocal criticisms and allegations of corruption against the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Anita Among.

Burora, who was dismissed from his position by the President’s office earlier this year, had become increasingly outspoken against the Speaker and Parliament.

He accused the Speaker of various forms of corruption and misuse of public funds through several scathing letters and public statements.

Burora’s troubles began when he was warned by his former employers to cease his attacks on the Speaker.

Faced with an ultimatum to apologize or face severe disciplinary actions, Burora chose to resign from his post.

His resignation did not end his activism; instead, he became a prominent critic of the Speaker’s conduct, accusing her of hypocrisy and financial mismanagement.

In one of his detailed letters, Burora accused the Speaker of transforming Parliament into a private enterprise, enriching herself at the expense of Ugandan taxpayers.

He highlighted several instances of alleged corruption, including the misuse of funds meant for the impoverished, illegal expenditures for personal benefits, and conflicts of interest in procurement processes.

In a bold move to rally public support against corruption, Burora organized a protest march scheduled for July 27, inviting all Ugandans tired of corruption to join him in a procession from City Square to Parliament.

This activism, however, seems to have drawn severe backlash.

On Monday evening, Burora reported via social media platform X (formerly Twitter) that his house was surrounded by unknown individuals demanding he accompany them.

Shortly thereafter, it was confirmed that Burora had been arrested and detained at Ntinda Police Station. As of now, the specific charges against him remain undisclosed.

Burora’s close associates suspect his arrest is directly linked to his outspoken criticism of the Speaker and his plans to organize anti-corruption protests in Kampala. “This is an attempt to silence him and dissuade others from speaking out against corruption,” said a close associate who wished to remain anonymous.

The police have yet to issue an official statement regarding Burora’s arrest and the charges he faces. The situation has sparked a wave of concern among civil society groups and activists who view this as a troubling sign for freedom of expression and the protection of whistleblowers in Uganda.

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