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Eswatin water services corporation embraces insights from NWSC urban pro poor operations

KAMPALA: In an effort to glean valuable insights and strategies for improving their own operations, a delegation from the Eswatini Water Services Corporation recently visited the National water and Sewerage Corporation’s (NWSC) Urban Pro Poor (UPP) branch located in Kisenyi, Kampala. Facilitated by Branch Manager Evelyn Mukajusi and Branch Engineer Dudas Niyirora, the Eswatini team explored the UPP branch’s modus operandi.

Established in 2006, the UPP branch has been very instrumental in providing essential water services to approximately 36% of Kampala’s populace. Regardless of socioeconomic status, access to clean and safe water is deemed a fundamental human right, thereby necessitating the establishment of this significant branch.

Key to the discussion was the prepaid tariff system, which stands at 1060 for 1000 liters of water, equating to 50 20-liter jericans at Ugx25 each. This system has facilitated equitable access to safe clean water with notable achievements, including the provision of services to over 25,000 households and a commendable reduction in waterborne disease-related mortality rates.

The Eswatini team was particularly intrigued by the comprehensive overview of the various types of PPMS (Pre-payment Metering Systems) employed, with a particular focus on the functionalities of the cutting-edge Susteq PPM. Through detailed presentations, they gained valuable insights into the system’s automated processes, error detection mechanisms, and robust report generation capabilities. Of particular interest was the utilization of SIM card and memory card technology, which facilitates seamless data transmission to the billing system, thereby minimizing potential human errors.

The benchmark also highlighted the importance of strategic partnerships forged with local leaders and organizations such as Rotary in reinforcing operational efficiency and community outreach initiatives. Key strategies such as the application of Know Your Customer (KYC) principles and the implementation of Arrears Payment Agreements (APAs) were also highlighted as instrumental in fostering customer satisfaction and facilitating streamlined payment processes.

During the interactive session, the Eswatini team posed insightful inquiries regarding NWSC’s approaches to mitigating vandalism, managing flow pressures, and ensuring the longevity of the PPMS infrastructure.

As a customary part of the benchmark visit, the Eswatini delegates were treated to a practical demonstration showcasing the process of purchasing credit from vendors using tokens, as well as operating the Kent and Susteq PPMs at the Kisenyi branch. This hands-on experience further enriched their understanding of the operational intricacies and technological advancements employed by NWSC.

Moving forward, it is evident that such strategic partnerships will continue to serve as catalysts for innovation and progress within the realm of water management and distribution in the African continent.

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