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DSTV cuts prices as competition hots up

Subscribers to MultiChoice Uganda’s DStv service will now watch their favourite shows for less after the South African firm announced a subscription price cut effective November 1.

“We are facing hard economic times not just as a company but also our customers,” Ms Tina Wamala, MultiChoice Uganda public relations and communications manager said yesterday.

DSTV Premium subscribers will now pay watch four HD channels at a fee of Shs287,250, from Shs, 334,000, Compact Plus will receive more 11 channels at a subscription cost of Shs190,700, from Sh225,000. Compact package will cost Shs121,600 from Shs128,000, while Family will cost Shs66,750 a reduction from Shs73,000.
We cannot confirm if other industry players like Star times, Zuku TV, Azam among others will also reduce their prices.
Commenting on the price cut, MultiChoice Africa Chief Executive Officer Tim Jacobs, last week, said the dollar rate is affecting the pay TV subscription rates.

“Over the years, our currencies have devalued, sometimes there has been volatility then they strengthen but, generally speaking, our currencies have devalued as a continent against the US dollar,” he said ahead of the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist 2016 Awards ceremony.

All costs and content at MultiChoice Africa are transacted in foreign currencies yet customers pay in local currencies.

Mr Jacobs said people under economic pressure have to make difficult decisions in relation to what products they can spend their money on. He noted that MultiChoice Africa intends to counter this problem by providing more content at a cheaper price so as to keep business afloat.

In Africa, DSTV is also dropping prices in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Malawi, a move Ms Wamala said is informed by tough market conditions in these countries.
Mr Jacobs said the price reduction varies among different countries because every country has its distinct pricing depending on the tax levied.

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