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Besigye addresses press on events surrounding his arrival.

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye who was whisked away by Police after he touched down at Entebbe International Airport  addresses media at his home in Kansangati.

Besigye who returned from abroad today morning, was driven away in a Police van at about 8:15am and taken to his home in Kasangati. People trying to access the airport, including the media, were barred unless they presented identification documents for employees or relevant travel documents.

12:28:pm: Singing the Uganda and Buganda anthems. Besigye then starts addressing.

12:31pm: First of all I am back. I have been away since August. I had a couple of engagements which I will address at a later press conference.

It has been a busy schedule that is why I was unable to return on the dates earlier set. I will be giving u the details of engagements we had abroad. Since the election, our country is in a stalemate. The people of Uganda made a choice on who should lead the country who has been fought.

12:33pm: We have the citizens of Uganda on one side and on the other side we have a group of armed men terrorizing the country. You know I was charged for treason. However, everyone knows the people committing treason are Museveni and his people using guns.

I was (today) just returning home unarmed. But because they fear the people who voted me, the goons were waiting at the steps of the plane and were dressed Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) uniform.

12:35pm: What happened today is clearly indication that there is a president of the people, I was brought back here in convoy (Laughs). I am indeed the president.

12:40pm: The regime concedes that this one person has so much authority greater than theirs. That’s a regime that is besieged . The enemy of Uganda’s progress is the regime and its behavior.

Besigye then sends audience laughing when he hints on the fact that his passport is not stamped to indicate that he has arrived in the country. “My luggage is also still at the airport, I have not yet arrived,” he says.

12:47pm: I understand there is a police officer called Kaweesi who said people who would receive me would be charged for treason. Thank you for defying him.

12:48pm: I am glad am back. I thank our leaders and supporters who have been organising and waiting to receive me.

Besigye calls upon his supporters to continue defying; “This imposter regime must go.” he says. He also mourns fallen Makindye Magistrate Mafabi, says that mysterious deaths have become quite many of late, but desists from making conclusions , he also adds that he will continue reporting to the high court, starting tomorrow (Tuesday).

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