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Buganda land board facilitates NWSC efforts to address water challenges in Nagalabi-Budo and surrounding areas

KAMPALA: The Buganda Land Board has officially handed over land to the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC), aiding in the corporation’s ongoing endeavor to tackle water supply issues in Nagalabi-Budo region and its neighboring areas, which have long grappled with challenges arising from the very hilly landscape.

The NWSC’s decision to seek the land was as a response to persistent water supply grievances experienced by the aforementioned communities which have endured prolonged interruptions and, in some instances, a complete lack of access to water. The construction of the reserve tank on the proposed land is simply the most practical solution to alleviate these pressing concerns.

The scope of the project is characterized by the establishment of a substantial 500,000 cubic reserve tank which will not only address existing water supply challenges but also enhance the water supply network to cover; Nagalabi-Budo, Kisozi-Budo, Kitemu, Kivu, Magwa Mpangala, Nakilagala, Namagoma, Kyambazzi estates, and neighboring villages. Upon total completion, this project is bound to cater to over 3000 customers, and potentially more.

Present at the handover ceremony were key representatives from both NWSC and the Buganda Land Board, with Ms. Hellen Ejang the Senior Manager of the Western Zone, leading the NWSC team accompanied by Ms. Barbra Noowe, Branch Manager of Kyengera; Mr. John Lutwaama, Sub-Branch Manager Nsangi; and Mr. Ronald Muwonge, the Technical Supervisor. Meanwhile, the Buganda Land Board was represented by a team from its physical planning department, with Ms. Florence Nalwanga at the helm.

While handing over the land, Ms. Nalwanga appreciated the NWSC for the will to serve the community and challenged the team to ensure that the project commences as soon as possible to ensure prompt water supply to the communities. To supplement the Buganda board’s request, the Local leaders requested for at least two Public Stand Pipes (PSPs) in the area when the project starts.

Expressing gratitude on behalf of NWSC, Ms. Ejang extended appreciation to the Kabaka and the Kingdom of Buganda for their support in realizing NWSC’s commitment to “Water for All.”

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