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How Besigye Was Arrested At Entebbe Airport

Former FDC Presidential candidate, Kizza Beisgye is back in the country. Initially a big welcome party had been planned for him, however, it didn’t go as scheduled because he was arrested on getting at Entebbe airport.

Here, he says, on getting out of the plane at 8:15am, there were “goons” dressed in Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)’s uniforms waiting for him at the steps of the Aeroplane.

“I was just coming home today, travelling by myself. But they fear the people who voted for me in Feb. The goons were waiting at the steps of the plane wearing the CAA uniform.”

These arrested him by lifting him by the trousers at the stairs of the Kenya Airways plane.

“I was lifted by my trousers but if there was any investor who saw what happened today, they can never invest here,” he said.  “I hear them talk about attracting investors. The people killing investment in this country are Museveni and his group.”

These put him in a waiting car belonging to CAA.

“The vehicle in which they put me was a CAA vehicle and zoomed off like crazy through a murram truck to the old airport.”

At the Old airport he was received by seven police patrol cars. They sped off using the Entebbe-Kampala Express Highway.

“I was thrown into a police vehicle, went through roads I can’t describe until we landed in Kikajo, Nakawuka.”

However, he is officially still out of the country. He said he was not allowed to go through immigration.

“Up to now I don’t have my luggage, I have my passport but it’s not stamped because I did not pass through the airport. I’m officially not back in the country,” he said.

To him, this is an indication that there is indeed “a president of the people”.

“Right now the country is divided between the people on one side and armed men on the other. The reason the state did not want him to meet the people, he said was because “he was the people’s president”.

He maintained the defiance campaign will go on saying the people are now better organised.

“People are not fighting for me, they are fighting for themselves and I am just a rallying point. Example is Ntege Sebagala who had people following him as a rallying point, and when he went to join Museveni, the people continued fighting and rallying behind other people.If I was to abandon this struggle the people would continue and get new leaders because they are fighting for themselves not for Besigye”



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